Session 19 & 20

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Neither of us like flexion at the neck. We have tried all modifications and Client A has chosen to support her head on a small inflated ball. I am fine during the, “ab series,” but find, “ab prep,” an exercise  where there are a series of very small crunch like movements, pulls in my traps (upper back) and neck. This is one of the many reasons a small Pilates class is much more beneficial if one is truly searching for change; as we can focus on flexibility as well as strengthening the neck muscles. In todays class, which was our 20th session, Client A, tried cervical flexion for the first time since early on in our trial. She also did side lying legs with upper body perfectly stabilized. At her first few classes she could barely stay still!

Last weekend Client A, hurt herself by twisting her ankle. I’m very proud of her as Pilates has  strengthened her ankles and thanks to her using ICE, she is recovering well and able to perform most exercises.

We are still along  way off from being able to complete the full repertoire but I feel these 20 sessions have been far more effective than if she had been taking a class for years without fully comprehending the movements.  There is a reason Pilates is called mind body movement. My lovely client has a fulltime job, a busy personal life and a very fast paced, goal oriented personality. To see her slow down and concentrate on the precise movements and want to understand why, has been extremely gratifying for me as an instructor.