6th session

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6th session

I will discuss the last few sessions in one blog. I planned to write after each session but sometimes life gets in the way and before you know it three more sessions have passed.

I am very pleased with how Client A is progressing. So far we have both seen how starting Pilates from the beginning has really benefited her. I could see she was struggling with the mind body connection in class. This was becoming frustrating as like most people who take Pilates, she is intelligent and was getting frustrated with herself. The reason she wasn’t connecting had nothing to do with her intelligence, it was because she was not familiar and comfortable with the basic principles of Pilates in Cypress.

After 6 sessions I am pleased to be working with somebody who now looks like they have taken Pilates. We have spent a lot of time on the warm up, which is something that I have found lacking in many classes I have attended, especially in gyms and clubs. The point of the warm up is that many of us rush into class and need ten minutes to get into our mind body connection and leave the outside world for a period.

We have discussed modifications and Client A is now collecting her props and knows how to modify an exercise for her body type. Today we did a 50 minute workout with a few discussion breaks, however she is looking good and not needing to ask so many questions. She says she feels better and she is certainly carrying herself better.

It has only taken 6 private sessions to get her to this stage. This is very satisfying for me as an instructor and proves that spending the time learning the basics of Pilates will benefit a person so much more than if they attend a more advanced class and keep performing the movements incorrectly.