Sessions 11, 12 & 13

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Sessions 11, 12 & 13

We are back on track. Not the ideal way to test out the 10,20,30 session experiment but in some ways more realistic as, work, family and life often come before exercise commitment. This is why we always need to explore what really fits into our lifestyle long term.

We both missed our sessions and discussed how being accountable is important. Client A had worked out but couldn’t remember all the exercises. She also tends to workout much faster than Pilates was designed to do. Her 45 minute workouts were completed in 20 minutes! I reminded her that Joe Pilates referred to his teachings as ,”Controlology.”

Having taken the time to learn the repertoire properly I am pleased to see the improvement in her form. We have both been suffering from neck pain and have added a block or flex ball under our head and neck. Flexion is great if you’re not experiencing pain, however if you are, support your head and concentrate on the torso. Anyone who has osteoporosis or spine issues will not use flexion anyway, due to the pressure in the fragile vertebrae and discs.

Today we attempted Teaser prep, the ultimate Pilates position. This is not something we will be attempting for a few more weeks due to tight hamstrings and tight upper traps. I appreciate that there could be a more in depth conversation on an anatomical level but Joseph Pilates wasn’t a Dr and  I don’t want to see Pilates owned by the medical field. I believe there are many excellent Pilates instructors who can teach Pilates and refer to experts when they feel necessary.