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People often ask what the difference is between Pilates and yoga. The answer in a nutshell, is that Pilates offers dynamic workout, incorporating resistance and flexibility, and yoga emphasizes flexibility due to holding the poses. Obviously there is a lot more to both forms of exercise than that. However, I personally am very tight and have always questioned if Pilates really improved my flexibility. I got my answer this week after returning to my studio after taking two weeks vacation.

Until I started practicing Pilates in 2007, I had always suffered from back pain during a long flight. My flight to London was great in that I wasn’t sore during or after the flight. The first week I was traveling I took two mat classes. I also walked at least 15,000 steps most days as I was sight seeing and in a city where there is public transport. I noticed my calves were very tight and I could feel slight pain in my shins. It wasn’t until I returned home and started exercising after 10 days without Pilates that I realized how tight I was in the hips and lower back.

My conclusion is that although my flexibility may not ever be the same as others due to my structure; I can definitely say that my mobility is greatly improved from Pilates. This is what keeps me pain free, along with the core strength I have gained.

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  1. kBarberPilates Post author

    After 10 sessions:

    I am Client A. I have heard of the saying: “In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, in 20 sessions you will see the difference and in 30 you will have a new body.” My instructor, Katharine, and I decided to embark on a 10-week Pilates challenge to evaluate if this saying will indeed apply to us. We are both goal-oriented so this was not a problem. However, we both like to take vacations, so we knew we could not do this challenge in a straight 10-week schedule.

    After 10 sessions of Pilates in 3 weeks, I was amazed! I lost 6 pounds, 2 inches on waist, and 1 inch on hips; toned and with a stronger core. Folks at work said I got tinier! I did not change my diet; just cut portions. I did 3 times a week of cardio; mostly walking our dog, Cutie, for a mile or so. I used to do cross fit training with push-ups and burpees and all. While I was toned and fit then, my knees and back started to hurt so a friend suggested Pilates. I am glad I did! Katharine is a great instructor! She teaches the basics well and provides modifications for each student. More importantly, I do not have to do 3 reps of 15 for my abs! Our ab workouts will have 6 to 10 reps and they suffice. I feel the effects!

  2. kBarberPilates Post author

    Nothing speaks louder than a client. I am thankful for Client A committing to this as she has a very busy life. Sometimes it is her commitment that motivates me to stay with this experiment.
    My client is absolutely right when she says that learning the basics is paramount to progressing efficiently in Pilates.

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